SmartSun Energy flex-type, monocrystalline photovoltaic module with a flexible frame and a maximum bending radius of up to 0.3 m. Based on the standard half cells with increased efficiency and resistance. The panel is available in a power of 430 Wp with a double 35-year warranty, covering both efficiency and product reliability. Module code: SSP430S6-144.


The use of ultra-light composite materials allowed the module weight to be reduced by up to 70%

The bending radius of the module is as much as 0.3 m, so installation is possible on an uneven surface

HIEFFICIENCY technology is a guarantee of the highest performance and power as well as lower BOS cost

Quick bonding technology reduces the time needed to install photovoltaic modules by up to 50%

Certificates confirming salt, sand and
ammonia resistance as well as PID and LID

Hurricane wind resistance (2400 Pa)
and very high snow loads (5400 Pa)